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Journal of Vaishnava Studies

Volume 11, No. 2, Spring 2003



Steven J. Rosen/A Tree That Bears Fruit: The Devotional Life of Tamal Krishna Goswami

Julius Lipner/The Pioneering Scholarship of Tamal Krishna Goswami

Rachel Fell McDermott/Remembering Tamal Krishna Goswami

Andrew Fort/Tamal Krishna Goswami: An Appreciation

C. Mackenzie Brown/A Personal Reflection on Tamal Krishna Goswami

Francis X. Clooney/Believers and Scholars: Reflections on an ISKCON-Jesuit Friendship

E. H. Rick Jarow/The Good Death

Graham Schweig/Dying the Good Death: The Transfigurative Power of Bhakti

Barbara Holdrege/From the Religious Marketplace to the Academy: Negotiating the Politics of Identity

Gary A. Tubb/Tamal Krishna Goswami's The Drama of Lord Jagannatha

Kenneth R. Valpey/"A Tremendous Connection": Reflections on TKG.s Final Visit to Bhaktivedanta Manor

Anna King/The Guru-Disciple Relationship in ISKCON

TKG and Ravi Gupta/Krishna and Culture: What Happens When the Lord of Vrindavan Moves to New York City?

TKG/Vyasa-Puja Homage: "Who Speaks for Prabhupada?"

Select Bibliography of Tamal Krishna Goswami

About the Contributors


Steven J. Rosen,  Editor, Journal of Vaishnava Studies and author of several books on Vaishnava-related subjects.

Julius Lipner, Reader in Hinduism and the Comparative Study of Religion, Divinity Faculty at the University of Cambridge, England.

Rachel Fell McDermott, Assistant Professor, Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Cultures, Barnard College, New York.

Andrew Fort, Professor of Asian Religions at Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas.

C. Mackenzie Brown, Professor and Chair of Religion Department at Trinity University.

Francis X. Clooney. Professor of Theology, Boston College; Coordinator for Interreligious Dialogue for the Society of Jesus in the USA, and Academic Director at the Oxford Centre for Vaishnava and Hindu Studies (2002-2004).

E. H. Jarow (formerly Eric Huberman), Assistant Professor in History of Religions at Vassar College.

Graham Schweig, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Christopher Newport University, Newport News, Virginia

Barbara Holdrege, Associate Professor of Comparative History of Religious, University of California, Santa Barbara

Gary A. Tubb, Dharam Hinduja Senior Lecturer in Sanskrit Teaching and Indic Research, Columbia University

Kenneth R. Valpey, Completed doctoral thesis on Chaitanyua Vaishnava image worship at Oxford University (2004), now post-doc at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies.

Anna King, Senior Lecturer, Centre for Theology and Religious Studies, School of Cultural Studies, King Alfred's College, Winchester, England

Ravi M. Gupta, Pursuing D.Phil. in Theology at Oxford University.