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Journal of Vaishnava Studies

Volume 13 No. 1, Fall 2004


    Steven J. Rosen

Dramas of Estrangement: Christ and Krishna
    John Stratton Hawley

Maternal Love for the Divine
    Daniel P. Sheridan

The Nature of Person: A Comparative Analysis of the Thomist and Vedantic Perspectives on the Ontology of Self
    Frank Gaetano Morales

Hasidism, Cultism, and the Secular Imperative
    Steven J. Gelberg

Are Vaishnavas Idolators?
    Kenneth Valpey

Premananda Bharati's View of Christianity
   Gerald T. Carney

Srivaishnavism in Dialogue
    Francis X. Clooney

Raskhan, A Muslim Vaishnava
    Charles S. J. White

Vaishnava Bhakti and Pure Land Buddhism
    Tamal Krishna Goswami

Monotheism in Vaishnava Theology
    Neal Delmonico

Book Reviews
    Fred Smith
/ 1.  The Hare Krishna Movement, ed. Bryant and Ekstrand

   Lakshmi Nrisimha Das 2.  The Hare Krishna Movement 

   David Buchta / First Steps in Vedanta, by Neal Delmonico

About the Contributors


Steven J. Rosen,  Editor, Journal of Vaishnava Studies and author of several books on Vaishnava-related subjects.

John Stratton Hawley, Ann Whitney Olin Professor of Religion, Barnard College, and Director of the Southern Asian Institute at Columbia University

Dan P. Sheridan, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean, College of Saint Joseph's College of Maine, and Professor Theology.

Frank Gaetano Morales, scholar of philosophy and history of religion, Sanskrit, Hindu studies, and recognized teacher of the Vishishta-Advaita philosophy of Ramanuja.

Steven J. Gelberg, Former member and Director for Interreligious Affairs of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. Harvard Divinity School (MTS degree).  Fine art photographer.

Kenneth R. Valpey (Krishna Kshetra Das), Completed doctoral thesis on Chaitanyua Vaishnava image worship at Oxford University (2004), now post-doc at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies.

Gerald T. Carney, Professor of Religion, Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia. Research in Vaishnava aesthetics, festival practices, and religious ecology of water in Vraja.  Working on critical study of the life and work of Baba Premananda Bharati.

Francis X. Clooney. Professor of Theology, Boston College; Coordinator for Interreligious Dialogue for the Society of Jesus in the USA, and Academic Director at the Oxford Centre for Vaishnava and Hindu Studies (2002-2004).

Charles S. J. White, Professor emeritus of philosophy and religion at the Amterican University in Washington, DC.  Author of many books, essays, journal and encyclopedia articles.

Tamal Krishna Goswami (1946-2002), spiritual master and Governing Body Commissioner for the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. His Ph.D. thesis focusing on the theological contribution of A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada is being prepared for publication. 

Neal Delmonico, Ph.D. in South Asian Languages and Civilization, has taught at Iowa State University and Truman State University.  Currently collaborating on an online text repository for Sanskrit and Bangali texts at

Frederick Smith, Assistant Professor of Sanskrit and Classical Indian Literature at University of Iowa, also in charge of South Asian Studies program. Expert in the fields of yoga and Vallabha tradition.

Lakshmi Nrsimha Das (Larry Pugliese), disciple of A.C. Bhjaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, member of ISKCON studying the larger Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition, involved as teacher in high school education.

David Buchta (Dvija Mani Das), taught courses on Gaudiya Vaishnava theology to Vaishnava practitioners at the ISKCON temple and elsewhere, and is currently in a Master's program in South Asian Studies at Uppsala University.